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Some Free Gardening Tips For You – House plants

You are always looking for free gardening tips to help you on your way to better gardening. I have outlined below 2 gardening tips for growing plants indoors. There is so much you can do by making little alterations to your growing and planting methods. You never know it all in the field of gardening.

Dealing With Pests on Houseplants – Keep it Clean

Pests affect plants indoors and outdoors but because many indoor plant are quite delicate they can suffer more from garden pests. You do not want to end up killing or damaging your lovely houseplants to get rid of the pests.

Therefore one of the best gardening tips has to do with how you can deal with pests on houseplants safely. You must use clean pots and compost that is free from disease for house plants. For pots I use a very mild solution of gardening disinfectant that works very well. I would even rinse out new pots as well as old ones before use.

When you grow the plant on and tend to it you need to make sure that they remain pest free. Insecticidal soap can be used for pests on houseplants, and works by killing them by smothering or suffocating. You need to make sure that the soap is in direct contact with the insects for best results. You may in cases of stubborn infestation need to repeat this cleaning a few times.

Seed Starting and Germination for house plants – watch out for draughts

Starting houseplants from seed is the most economical way to grow a large number of plants. If you end up with too many you can always use the extras as presents. Germination can take up to a month for some varieties of houseplants and it is crucial that they are kept away from any draughts.

Plants grown from seed for the indoors need constant temperatures. Draughty locations will impair the rate of germination and the success of the growing process as a whole. I use a conservatory which has a nice light aspect but is free from wind and draughts. You can also use propagators with see through tops to grown houseplants from seed. With these I try to take the top off during the day to allow full light in. You also run the risk of not enough clean air reaching the seedlings.

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